This is a picture taken in 1934 from N. Vancouver where Sloan' s Tavern and Sloan' s custom body and paint shop is now.

Sloan's Tavern and Sloan' Body and paint 2013

This is scanned from an Oregonian article. The Urban League is now where Citizen's Fountain was, and the Hill Block building with the dome is a parking lot. The dome was moved to Dawson Park down the street in the early 1970's when the whole building was torn down.

This is Shirley Sloan New Years Eve inside Sloan's Tavern. Behind her is a 1950's Chicago Coin band box run by a 1962 AMI Continental 2 Jukebox, and an AMI ROWE CD100-E jukebox.-The article to the right is

from A local Portland paper in 2012.


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