This is a picture taken in 1934 from N. Vancouver where Sloan' s Tavern and Sloan' s custom body and paint shop is now.

Sloan's Tavern and Sloan' Body and paint 2013

This is Shirley Sloan New Years Eve inside Sloan's Tavern. Behind her is a 1950's Chicago Coin band box run by a 1962 AMI Continental 2 Jukebox, and an AMI ROWE CD100-E jukebox.-The article to the right is

from A local Portland paper in 2012.


This is scanned from an Oregonian article. The Urban League is now where Citizen's Fountain was, and the Hill Block building with the dome is a parking lot. The dome was moved to Dawson Park down the street in the early 1970's when the whole building was torn down.

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